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Toy Story 3 3D Media Screening

It was a long time since i didnt post anything in my blog...This time i'm back by bring the post of Toy Story 3

This is a really good movie....Must watch yooohh..
My rating is 8/10

This movie sure is one of the big hit in Box Office..

Aunty Anni's Garden Cafe @ Nilai food pictures

Last Saturday, I tried several delicious Malay Traditional Foods at Aunty Anni's Garden Cafe,Nilai

I like the surrounding of the cafe....I was sitting in the middle of thick greenery garden and enjoying the greatest food.

Let's see what food they offered :

Taste ok...But not that hot and spicy...add more chili please !!!!

Sambal Belancan!!! Taste good, is made from a traditional recipe,no the one that we usually eat 8/10 rated

Simple and tasty

Mini lake with the lotus

Three of us in the cafe

The map...

Overall the foods is ok la ,rated 8/10 .....very normal foods and the cafe really show the Malay Style traditional decoration..

Aunty Anni's Garden Cafe,
Batu 16,Jalan Sepang,
Kampung Chelet,
Negeri Sembilan.
TEl: 06-7881276

Alice In Wonderland coming to Malaysia Soon

Release Date: 4 March (Digital 3D) & 11 March 2010
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes
Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman.

source From GSC Website


17-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska) attends a party at a Victorian estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. She runs off, following the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen) into a hole and ends up in Wonderland, a place she visited in a similar manner 10 years before, yet doesn't remember. Wonderland was a peaceful kingdom until the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) overthrew her sister, the White Queen (Anne Hathaway). The creatures of Wonderland, such as the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas) and the March Hare (Paul Whitehouse), ready to revolt, wait for Alice to help them. With the help of the White Queen, the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and the Caterpillar (Alan Rickman), Alice starts seeing flashbacks of her original visit, back when she was seven.
(From Yahoo Movie)

Thanks to Rebecca and Advertlets for the Invitation of the screening...

I was invited to join a blogger dinner at Traffic D'Light Cafe which was organised by Feeq and Rebecca from Advertlets..The dinner is great and a lot of bloggers are actively participating..Nice to meet you all :)

This cafe is not hard to be found, it just few minutes driving distance form One Utama...It is located next to Pelangi Condor and situated on top of Carrefour Express...Parking lot is easy to be found...

Come let us see the nice foods that served :

Unique and crispy.....Rated 10/10...You really have to try this

Taste great, the black beam really spreads the smell around the rib...nice!!!

Another great dish, the meat is soft and covered by black pepper

Good taste

You like this one ??? It is my favourite ler.....

Good taste noodle, never found this kind of noodle on other places because it is home made ma....HAHA

Group Pictures after the dinner....Nice to meet All bloggers !!!

Another Group Picture Taken before we going home

These are the brochures that introduce the main dishes to you

This is the map

This is a nice cafe that you can Minum Tea with Friends or You can have an exotic and traditional chinese cuisine.

Nice Food From Charms@ One Utama Pics

As i posted in the previous post, Advertlets bloggers and me went to TGV, One Utama for watching the Screening of 'The Book Of Eli".The movie is great and worth to watch...

Before the screening, we had a dinner at Charms where just a few shops away from TGV Cinema

The food of the day...This is the best BBQ Lambs that i have even taste..Because the lamb got a layer of fat which will be melt during heating..The smell of lamb will spread when putting in your mouth..haha

Malaysian favourite food, Most of the places got selling Fried Rice....Taste OK, just a normal fried rice

Cendol is ok only...Still far way to catch up Penang Cendol

This is not an ordinary fried rice, the rice is good and the sambal is really rice,very fresh...haha sambal is my favourite..

Taste Ok,very colourful

Looks like Pattaya Fried Rice, not Bad, Just need to add more salt to make taste better

Group shot before we left

NEXT : Foods introduction for Traffic D'light Cafe,Jalan masjid,Bandar Utama

BreakFast @ Broga hill,Semenyih Pictures

Last month, Advertlets bloggers and me went to Broga Hill,Semenyih..After spending few hours at Brago,it is the time to cure our stomach and to restore our energy..

The kopitiam juz few hundred meters from the entrance of Broga Hill

The price is really reasonable compared with KL foods...The average price of the noodles is RM3.50....

Taste? Still ok la as long as can fill your stomach....

Just came back from "The Book Of Eli" screening at TGV,One Utama.

The poster of the movie

We had a dinner at the Charms @ One Utama before the screening.
Group picture taken,Thanks to Bryan for taking this picture

Thanks to Feeq for the ticket and nice to meet all Advertlets Blogger on this screening

The movie is rated 7/10..More details will be posted soon...

Western Foods @Hawaii Steak House,Seremban,Negeri Semblilan

During the first day Of Chinese New Year As well as Valentine Day,I had a wonderful dinner at Seremban with my family....

After taking 30 minutes of driving from Nilai, we finally arrived there...There is less people because we reached there before 730pm...After that more and more people are coming till all the room is fully occupied..

Tip to enjoy the great food: Arrive the restaurant early, less people,less crowded and you have more space to enjoy your meal !!!

RM 22++ for this sizzling..Really reasonable price

Is a black pepper make your mouth hot!!!

Mix Grill got three types of Chops,there are lamb chop,beef chop, and chicken chop...Great combination

Overall, the food is good and the environment is really romantic....So to all couples, What are you waiting for? Get there and have a try!!!

Yee Sang dinner @ Sungai Buloh pictures

Just went to Sg Buloh to have a dinner with my Family.
Opps,i forgot the name of the restaurant..i will post the name up once i find the resit..

Overall,the cuisines are really nice...

All food is taken, this CNY damn nice to me to eat,eat and eat....And my stomach is big,bigger and bigger

Happy Valentine Day

In conjunction with Chinese New, this year Valentine day is full of meaning for me....yeah!!!

Cute-cute bears are presented...

Wish all the couples have a most memorable moment during Valentine day....