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Dinner @ Traffic D'Light Cafe,Jalan Masjid,Petaling Jaya pictures

I was invited to join a blogger dinner at Traffic D'Light Cafe which was organised by Feeq and Rebecca from Advertlets..The dinner is great and a lot of bloggers are actively participating..Nice to meet you all :)

This cafe is not hard to be found, it just few minutes driving distance form One Utama...It is located next to Pelangi Condor and situated on top of Carrefour Express...Parking lot is easy to be found...

Come let us see the nice foods that served :

Unique and crispy.....Rated 10/10...You really have to try this

Taste great, the black beam really spreads the smell around the rib...nice!!!

Another great dish, the meat is soft and covered by black pepper

Good taste

You like this one ??? It is my favourite ler.....

Good taste noodle, never found this kind of noodle on other places because it is home made ma....HAHA

Group Pictures after the dinner....Nice to meet All bloggers !!!

Another Group Picture Taken before we going home

These are the brochures that introduce the main dishes to you

This is the map

This is a nice cafe that you can Minum Tea with Friends or You can have an exotic and traditional chinese cuisine.


good post!! great pics too!

the map will be very useful for your readers i'm sure! ;)
Can i use some of yr pics? I didnt take any tht nite!

February 27, 2010 at 9:59 PM  


take which pictures that u is my honor that my pics posted in ur blog :)

February 27, 2010 at 10:29 PM