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Broga Hill Pictures , semenyih,Selangor

The journey started at 3am from MacD Sunway as the place that we gather there....After 40 minutes spends on driving,we reach semenyih which is the nearest down from Broga

We reached there around 5am,and start our adventure..Seriously, you need to bring a torch light to find the way as the road surface is not even and got many holes....

First, you will pass through the oil palm estate..After a while, you will see the road is incline 55 degree from the horizontal line.

There are three tops of mountain in the Broga..The first top is the hardest part to climb ,then the second top is the best place to see the sunrise and take pictures..The third top is the highest point but you cannot catch the sun rising as the trees and other mountains block the shining sun ray from you...

Overall, this is the place that you must go...some more can do exercise,Why dont give it a try to test your stamina

On the road to the highest place

The night view from the first top

The tree already botak.....

The golden light from sun

Me and the sunrise

Lets have a group photo...From top:Jeremy,
second top form left,Feeq and Justin,

After the Broga hill, What's next ?? Is food hunting!!!!! More pictures next week....

ThemeAsia Dance Fair 2010 pictures @ KL Dance Association

I was invited to join this event at Wisma OCM@ Jalan Hang Jebat...Great moment in the dance studio..Thanks to

Dance Cruise Asia

At the dance studio

The dance workshop is carried on

We went to this shop to have our launch after attending the event...want to see what nice food?? will be posted on next week..

More dance fair pictures on next week...tune in to my blog ya.....

On the way to Batu Cave

Tomorrow is Thaipusam, i'm preparing my gears and join the celebration...These few pictures were taken 2 years ago by using point and shoot camera...

Time to Revive

After weeks and weeks that i didnt post anything in my blog,this week i'm back...
Do some preparation on this week event by reading some stuff...

My first B&W pics posted

First time i take pics in B&W style...Comment and critics are welcome..

Toasted bread with egg

My daily life is very rushing,thus, i want everything can be done in a short time...
As i said breakfast is the most important meal in previous post, i would not miss a chance to eat breakfast...

How to prepare and what is the best choice for me?
The answer is below:

Murni Discovery food pictures at Aman Suria Petaling Jaya

When people say murni restaurant, i will imagine the long long Q of table lining up in front of shop in SS2...

Now, they opened a new outlet in Aman Suria, which is welly renovated....

I tried the San Har Mee which is highly recommanded by the waiter.....
Tasty yump yump!!!

pork innards porridge( 猪杂粥) Ipoh,perak food picture

Just eat plain porridge, not good taste right....why dont try something exotic ingredients..

This porridge is mixed with pork innards..

Really good to try it when you are visiting Ipoh,Perak..


Should take your breakfast regularly yo.
Breakfast is the most important meal in our daily life..Thus, you should look on the nutrition of the meal and how much calories the meal can provide you.

Bread is the most simple meal to be prepared,put some butter or chess on top of it and it tastes better.

Good daily plan is started from the first meal, take a meal and feel fresh through the whole day.

Back to December 2009, Futuromic Malaysia had a event of Ricoh Digital Camera.This event was held at Annexe of Central Market,Kuala Lumpur.

Here, i would like to briefly introduce few camera models from Ricoh Digital Camera Flagship..

The flagship of Ricoh Digital Cameras

The leading model is Ricoh GXR plus external Flash Gun

Ricoh GR

Ricoh R10

Ricoh GX 200

Ricoh CX2

Ricoh R10

For more info,click here refering to Ricoh Official Website

Ipoh food speciality

Ipoh has many unique foods that no every where got its food...Even thought all chinese foods look like same but the taste and the way they cook are very different...

Ipoh Dry Curry...Very Concentrated curry soup put on top of the noodles

It is very crispy

Ipoh Style Rojak

Chinese Traditional herbs with Lemon....It can wash ur stomach and clean toxic out from ur body.

Still got many introductions for Ipoh Foods, stay tuned ya....

Today was the grand opening of Sony Alpha Pro shop..I was invited to attend this event...damn lucky draw and photography contest too...

Mr chin ( studio zaloon owner) is opening the shop by removing the alpha poster in front of the his shop

Mr chin is giving a speech for thanking guests attending this grand opening

The display of Sony Alpha Products

Photo Gallery......Spotted me inside one of the pics

The one wearing black shirt and holding a printer is me :)

wa...many orange stuff....i wanna buy one!!!

The photo printer from Sony...Just plug in ur CF card or memory card and the pics will be printed out in front of your eyes

The orange region....the power of alpha from Carls-Zeiss lenses ,G lenses and Sony SAL lenses
wow....really poison me

Got a big big screen to display the quality image from Sony Alpha...
I quite stunned by the pics that displayed in the screen,unbelieving that beautiful pics from sony...nice nice

The flowers on the front side of the shop...beautiful

Sony taiko Sony A900 and A700

Albert is unboxing a nice waist bag which is made by sony alpha...

Testing the size of the bag

see!!!! the bag got the raincoat one hor....dont play play!!!

The cave is the temple for taoism in ipoh,Perak...Actually,there are three caves which is located side by side togather....

This is the first cave that i went into...Totally nice....

There many great pics will be posted soon...