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All American Rejects live

Tonight going to AAR concert live at Bukit Jalil

My day on Deepavali

Few weeks ago,I went to The curve to enjoy the public holiday which was deepavali

Try a Chinese Herbal Soup with rice...nice

Saw this colourful drawing on the way to Cineleisure

is it a real golden ?

Floura Festival Putrajaya-Introduction

Currently,I'm editing and working on the pictures which I have taken during this festival

More and more pictures will come soon,stay tune ya

My Dinner at Kepong

Before going to try the Mix Ice,We had a nice dinner at a restaurant

Simple but nice

Fried chicken

Sweet & sour deep fried fish

Stylish Mixed Ice In Kepong

Went to Kepong to try the foods heaven..Really nice..yump yump yump

Kiwi Ice..Strong kiwi taste..nice

Mango great

Favourite Foods in Ikea

Some of the delicious foods from Ikea

Penang Famous Ice Kacang

Penang food is always my favorite,i would recommend Ice Kacang with Mix Fruits at New World Park,Swatow lane.yump yump.

Extreme at Skate Park

in July 2009,Sony Alpha Gang organised one outdoor shooting in Skatepark,Shah Alam
This trip really made a great experience in shooting sport.
U need a Telephoto lenses,fast focus speed or use manual focus and great composition.Ultra wide angle also recommended but you need to come every close to the object.

This trip really increase my shooting speed.

Back to July 2009,I was invited to attend this event At Bukit Damansara

Free flow

Penang Snake Temple

Last month,i went to a place where i miss so much..guess where is it ?
here got some hints for you..

Is Penang...Above is Penang Snake Temple as this temple is one of the famous temples in Penang.Last time,there were many snakes appear in this area,so they built a temple as a place for snakes.Nowadays,the snakes are less due the over development of Penang.Anyway,it is crowded with people during chinese festival

Penang seaside

It is an adorable island that i miss so much

Colourful night at Laundry,The Curve

Back to September 2009, i was glad that i had a chance to shoot a live band performance at Laundry,The curve. Thanks to Albert

The first singer to perform his sole..nice voice and melody

Beautiful stage and back ground

Is the violinist turns

Nice Takamine Acoustic guitar..his song nice too

A handsome guy playing a viola

The scene from the audience

The last band perform their talents

That night was wonderful,and the place is nice to have a chat with friends..highly recommended

Sony Alpha Flash Workshop October 2009

This is my second workshop that i attended..i found this workshop is great and helpful to me
As the organizer promised,three models were available..

the ball room is luxury

different type of diffuser

the first setting for studio lighting

the second setting..i personally feel this is the best

test shot in the class

the first model in the studio

The second model in the indoor shooting

Third model in outdoor

other that fruit shooting oso got...the banana is a bit darker

i am happy that i got the chance to attend this workshop.Still got few workshops are coming soon for the next few weeks..Stay tune yup..

More and more pictures from Sony Alpha Flash Workshop soon

One Utama

Few days ago, i went to OU with my friends..
Below is few snaps of shots:

on the top

something happens in the event hall

Japanese like so much

there are couples of nice stuff u can choose from there till 18 OCT

Merdeka cute cute cat show

In the end of August, i went to mid valley..suddenly i knew that will be a cat show in conjunction with national date...All the high class cats are very cute and smart.

No mood in the cage...please let me free

why u look at me ??? Am i handsome ?

The skin likes a carpet,smooth and silky

is the cat cute?

who is this guy looks at me ?

beautiful eyes