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Some sushi Pics

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Kek Lok Si Temple,Penang

Last few months ago, i brought my friends to Penang and visit this place which calls Kek Lok Si..

The Kek Lok Si Temple (Penang Hokkien for "Temple of Supreme Bliss" or "Temple of Sukhavati"; Simplified Chinese: 极乐寺; Traditional Chinese: 極樂寺) is a Buddhist templeAir Itam in Penang and is one of the best known temples on the island. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Southest Asia.

The construction of the temple began in 1890, the Pagoda reflecting the temple's embrace of both Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you...Which you have a blessed new year and enjoy the celebration of Christmas.

I'm heading to Ipoh,Perak to celebrate my new year...More pictures will be taken back here and share with you

Christmas Party

Christmas Party at Faith Christian Centre,Bandar Sunway

Some group photos:

New friends and me...Nice to meet u all.

Pizza Time!!!!

Thanks Johnson for the invitation to this great Christmas Party.Trying 12 different brands of pizza,really good to taste all....

Marry Christmas .....Wish you have a nice Christmas Celebration!!!

Great concert At The Garden Hotel

Hannah Tan Is On the stage :

One of the guest is perfoming..Guess who is he ?

Me and FeeQ in the photo

Comic Fiesta 2009 At Sunway Pyramid Part 2

Sharing some of my shots during Comic fiesta 2009 at Sunway Pyramid

Truely japanese style

like a princess

A ninja ??

Playing guitar on the stage

Mickey mouse turns into violence??? God please save me !!!!

This Christmas Concert is organised for collecting our love to underprivileged children.Thanks to Hannah Tan for performing such a nice singing..I really like your songs

Hannah Tan is on the stage

Sweet Voice

The guest is performing

The Dancers are doing still pose

Comic Fiesta 2009 At Sunway Pyramid

Due to some connection problem,i cant post a big and clear pictures.
Anyway,i hope i can fix it by tomorrow,so i can post a big big photo again..

Just came back from Comic Fiesta at sunway Pyramid..For those who want to go tomorrow, please go early as i was stuck in the heavy traffic jam in Bandar sunway and all the parking lots are full..

More pictures soon,wow.. i'm so tired, is time to sleep..

Ricoh Camera Test Drive by Futuromic

I was glad that i had the opportunity to join Ricoh Camera Test Drive,which is organised by Futuromic.
They introduced the New Ricoh GXR which is an interchangeable unit camera system

That means the the sensor of the camera is not on the camera body,instead it is inside the lens which is interchangeable.
So if Ricoh upgrade their their camera sensor or spec,you doesnt need to buy a whole new camera.You only buy the lens kit..

Personally,i feel that this camera is very good in taking landscape photo due to its good color,sharp and clear,

For more info,pls refer to this link

Get it a try when you meet this camera.

This is a compact camera ? No,It is the Lens for Ricoh RXG which has the image sensor inside

External flash is attached

The front view of GXR

The model of the event

Pose for Ricoh
Another model is posing

Great time to launch this camera as traveler like compact camera which does not compromise the image quality

What is this little square things?
Is it the smallest camera in the world?

The truth will be revealed tomorrow!!!

Starbuck Free coffee and Ricoh Camera Test Drive

Starbucks free coffee

Coffee is my favourite drinks

See the beauty of the Starbucks Logo

Starbucks gave free black Coffee in conjunction with 11th Anniversary

Ricoh Camera Test Drive At Annexe,Central Market

wa...many cameras

The point of focus of the night...Ricoh GXR+External Flash

Front view of Ricoh GXR+External Flash

Ricoh GXR And Me

Model Shooting was held after the introduction

Want to see more Ricoh Camera and spec? Next week will be revealed on