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Ricoh Camera Test Drive by Futuromic

I was glad that i had the opportunity to join Ricoh Camera Test Drive,which is organised by Futuromic.
They introduced the New Ricoh GXR which is an interchangeable unit camera system

That means the the sensor of the camera is not on the camera body,instead it is inside the lens which is interchangeable.
So if Ricoh upgrade their their camera sensor or spec,you doesnt need to buy a whole new camera.You only buy the lens kit..

Personally,i feel that this camera is very good in taking landscape photo due to its good color,sharp and clear,

For more info,pls refer to this link

Get it a try when you meet this camera.

This is a compact camera ? No,It is the Lens for Ricoh RXG which has the image sensor inside

External flash is attached

The front view of GXR

The model of the event

Pose for Ricoh
Another model is posing

Great time to launch this camera as traveler like compact camera which does not compromise the image quality